The Kabel-X Process

Kabel-X is a process whereby operators can extract the core of a telephone or coaxial cable so that the cable sheath can be reused as conduit for fiber optic cables.

The Kabel-X process is a hydraulic pressure application. It involves connecting to the ends of a cable and using hydraulic fluid that is EPA friendly to pull the core out from the cable quickly and easily.

The Kabel-X process is classified as a maintenance or repair job. There is little if any excavation of land. When a network conversion is complete Kabel-X does not damage the environment eliminating restoration costs.

Kabel-X has successfully pulled up to 1200 feet of coaxial cable in a single pull and up to 6000 feet in one work day using one, four-man crew. This has been done in the field on a client network.

Kabel-X requires minimal labor and staff, a crew usually consists of two-four workmen who can be quickly trained and assembled from the client contractor if warranted. A Kabel-X staffed crew is also available to implement a network conversion/upgrade.