NetworksKabel-X USA has pioneered a unique technology process that quickly and seamlessly removes the coax cable center conductor and dielectric material providing operators with a conduit through which they can easily deploy fiber optic cable without costly new construction or excavation and upgrade of existing lines.The process is ideally suited for a variety of applications including fiber-deep network build-outs, challenging crossings or pathways, in vertical high rises and other MDU Situations.

The technologically unique approach uses a proprietary lubricant under pressure to separate the dielectric within the coax cable from the outer aluminum shield. The dielectric and center conductor are quickly pulled out, leaving an empty conduit for easy placement of fiber optic cable.This process expedites installation time, minimizes costs, requires minimal new permitting and simplifies a once expensive, inconvenient and disruptive process. For the first time, cable operators can quickly deploy state-of-the-art, high bandwidth fiber optic facilities within their existing plant footprints.