The Kabel-X process is uniquely suited to a number of different areas contractors and operators may be seeking to upgrade to fiber. The small footprint and low impact of the Kabel-X process make it ideal for environmentally sensitive areas, restrictive easements, and urban areas. The Kabel-X process will not disturb the environment in which an existing cable is being upgraded. With no excavation and an environmentally friendly fluid, Kabel-X poses little or no risk to wildlife, traffic congestion or business activity especially when comared to the tremendous inconvienence and damage inflicted by new construction and directional boring. 

Kabel-X may also be a liefeline for operators working in farmland as well as historically protected areas. The Kabel-X process allows operators to preserve the physical structure of historically protected buildings and to maintain the integrity of crop lands and irrigation systems across farms. Overall Kabel-X enables operators to provide fiber in areas that would otherwise be off limits or prohibitively expensive.