Why Kabel-X

The Kabel-X process has tremendous advatanges for contractors and operators seeking to convert existing telephone and coaxial cables to fiber optics. Kabel-X as a hydraulic process may also be viewed as  an orthroscopic process. When working on a conversion project, Kabel-X requires minimal access and uses equipment that does not require street closures or excavation.

New construction and directional boring leads to large construction costs, large land and infrastructure restoration costs and often lengthy delays in permitting. Furthermore, contractors and operators come under public pressure when such construction disrupts communities and temporarily damages the surrounding environment.

The small foot print and advanced technical approach taken by Kabel-X allows it to be classified as a repair or maintenance job, which means unlike new construction it does not require major permitting. Kabel-X also makes use of a naturally derived hydraulic fluid and makes use of certain efficiency protocols that allow it be very environmentally friendly.

Finally when an operator or contractor is using Kabel-X to convert a copper cable, that operator or contractor has the ability to recycle the high value copper content of the cable core to a recover a significant portion of the upgrade and conversion cost.