Alternative Methods

Before the development of Kabel-X, operators working in difficult and cost-prohibitive areas may have used Ditch Witch equipment and other trenching units, vacuum excavators, directional drills and compact utility machines.

While this equipment does offer a solution to the installation of utilities in brown field and metropolitan areas, it is not as low impact and cost-effective as the hydraulic, pressure extraction method used by Kabel-X USA.

Unlike Ditch Witch, the Kabel-X process requires minimal or no excavation and is not classified as new construction. Since Kabel-X takes place within existing network infrastructure it does not disturb the environment.

There is no risk of disrupting neighboring easements or utilities since Kabel-X is self-contained within the cable. Directional drills can accidentally shear through other cables or stall over long distances.

Operators who use Kabel-X can expect a shorter projection completion time, less or no permitting delays and at a greatly reduced cost.